The world of energy is changing and we are looking to the future

Recent years have seen a revolution in the affordability and availability of green technologies for homes and businesses. Now, people have access to everything from solar panels to ground source heat pump systems to EV charging points.  

This is where we come in: providing informed, simple access to and installation of these technologies; opening the door to a more sustainable lifestyle , vibrant with green electricity.

Developing your ultimate energy efficient home can seem daunting. Where do you start? Solar panel installation? An air pump heating system? We aim to make things as simple as they can be , helping you explore your options and find the energy solution that works best for you and your home.  

The changes we offer can show you the way to becoming a ‘prosumer’, someone who doesn’t just consume energy, but produces green electricity and sells it back to the National Grid . We supply the knowledge and the experience that empowers the people that make change possible. This is the future of energy: more efficient, more profitable and a greener lifestyle that works for everyone.  

How we make things simple is simple. The right product, the right installation –  these things vary from person to person, home to home. Our friendly, highly-qualified Direct Charge team is here to tailor any project to what works best for your individual situation

To make everything even smoother, we have constantly transparent pricing. No last-minute fees, no complications, just some friendly advice, a simple quote and a steady future of green electricity. 

Of course, this simplicity is the result of our years of experience in transforming energy efficient homes and workplaces. Our team of highly-skilled advisors and installers are registered and recognised by the NICEIC, NAPE, NCR and OPSS, providing  work that you can rely on, every time. 

And we are always, always looking to the future. A core part of our business is helping students find career pathways and develop their skills within the green energy sector, training the people that will transform tomorrow. 

We’re here to make the green transition work for you and for the environment. The best value for money, the best advice and the best quality work there is on the market.

Let’s power a greener future, together.