Helping Businesses Stay Secure

With commercial electrical issues often having a profound impact on a business’s
productivity and profitability, the reliability of a company’s electrical installations is much
more than just a question of safety.
At Direct Charge, we have considerable experience working in the commercial sector
helping companies of all sizes remain operational, efficient, and compliant. Offering a
comprehensive range of commercial solutions, our most common services include…
● Landlord certificates
Including fire, smoke & amp. We also provide emergency lighting certification if
required and can arrange the courses needed to get full certification rights.
● EICR assessments
Existing properties inspection & amp test certificates
● Commercial consultancy for business upgrades
Professional assessment and advice for companies looking to expand their loading,
installation, and amperage.
● PV installations for power integration
The design and deployment of photovoltaic systems and emerging solar
● Emergency systems
The installation and deployment of lighting, fire, CCTV, and intruder alert systems.
● Maintenance regimes
Specialist maintenance contracts for larger installations.
● Portable appliance testing
Performed by our specialists in the field.

Should your business be facing any kind of electrical issues, don’t hesitate to contact Direct
Charge. Our expert team will be more than happy to discuss your situation with you.